LD MK3 + Sennheiser HD 700 + Sound Blaster Z + Klipsch

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LD MK3 + Sennheiser HD 700 + Sound Blaster Z + Klipsch

Post by DestrucSean »

Just bought an LD MK3 and have some questions...

I have a Sound Blaster Z with Sennheiser HD 700 headphones and Klipsch Promedia 2.1 speakers. The SB Z has an amplified headphone port and a line out as well. The current setup is HD 700 to amp port and Klipsch to line out. The software then lets you swap between your preference.

So, I am wondering if I need to avoid plugging in the HD 700 headphones to the LD MK3 then to the amp port? I know I can run them directly to the line-out but then I lose some software benefits from the headphone port. I would be open to plugging in the HD 700 -> LD Mk3 -> SB Z line-out and then using the pre-amp for Klipsch if that wouldn't cause any issues.

Also, I am curious what the ideal gain / dip switch settings are for the HD 700 headphones along with recommended tubes if the stock ones are not ideal.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

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Re: LD MK3 + Sennheiser HD 700 + Sound Blaster Z + Klipsch

Post by rockage »

While the line-out would be ideal, you can use the headphone out as well if it's the only way you can get software EQ to work. The HD700s are very easy for the MK III to power so even the low gain setting will be more than enough.

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