what headphones for mk11

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what headphones for mk11

Post by rockfish »

hello there
i have been seriously frustrated about what headphones to buy for my little dot mk11
its a choice between the hifi man he400i,senheiser hd600 or 650 or hd700, please guys
i don't know what is best for this amp .
i purchased new tubes by mullard and new Russian power tubes also
i have a pair of Phillips x2s but the low impedance just wont cut it for this amp.
i like neutral headphones which i know the hd600 is but have never tried hifi mans
technology i just do not want to waste my money .
please help me decide . :cry:

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Re: what headphones for mk11

Post by rockage »

There's really no reason to choose your headphone based on the amplifier as the MK II will be able to drive any of the ones you've listed, with exceptional performance with the Sennheisers. Usually one would choose headphones based on their own merits.

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