LD 1+ and Grado SR80e headphones

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LD 1+ and Grado SR80e headphones

Post by corptkm »

My question is...

Will Grado SR80e and LD 1+ with (Russian 6ZH1P-EV tubes and OPA2060 amp) running though a audio source EQ (and Sansui 35 watt) amp be a good match.

Or is the LD 1+ mainly for smaller components (Ipad, Iphones, tablets etc). Want to make sure the Grados, LD 1+ is a good match for my stereo.

Any help is appreciated

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Re: LD 1+ and Grado SR80e headphones

Post by DavidZheZhe »

Yes indeed, the LD I+ is specifically tailored to drive low impedance headphones like Grados. You should have exceptional synergy between the two, regardless of op-amp or other components.

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