Little Dot MK III conection chain

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Little Dot MK III conection chain

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Hey all. Considering a Little Dot MK III. Please forgive me, but I don't quite understand the correct ways that I can connect the Little Dot MK III to my system. Currently, I have a tt connected directly via rca cables to the phono stage of my reciever. With this set up I listen to my tt through the speakers or headphones through the headphone jack on the receiver. I would like to use the Little Dot MK III as a headphone amp, and would like to know if it can be used as a preamp to my receiver as well. My receiver has both phono and line inputs.

What is the output of the Little Dot MK III? line level or phono?

Is it acceptable to set up like this: Turntable ---> Little Dot MK III --> reciever (aux input or phono)?
With this setup could I listen to headphones straight from the Little Dot MK III? does listening to headphones bypass the receiver?

Please forgive the newb questions.

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Re: Little Dot MK III conection chain

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You'll probably want to do: TT -> Phono-stage > Little Dot MK III > receiver as you'll still need a phono-stage to bring the signal up to line-level. With this setup, the MK III is both a headphone amp and feeds a pre-amped signal to your receiver. I hope this helps a bit!

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