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Mk III Transformer Replacement

Posted: Mar 22nd, '18, 20:55
by zenswampster
My transformer on the MkIII has died a death. I have an excellent local repair shop who are well up on their valve amps but they're struggling to find a replacement other than having a new one wound ! Are these available as a spare part from David or does anybody know of a suitable ( and reasonably priced ) replacement from elsewhere. Many thanks. As a further aside has anybody got any idea why the Transformer would die. I had just replaced the power tubes with Electro Harmonix EH30Pi's and noticed the amp was hotter than usual. Switched it off and the following day it was dead ! I don't really want to spend good money on replacing the Transformer only for the same thing to happen again due to an unfixed fault elsewhere. Any ideas and advice greatly appreciated. Cheers.

Re: Mk III Transformer Replacement

Posted: Mar 23rd, '18, 18:29
by zenswampster
Just a heads up that Yang Emailed me yesterday and he currently has the MkIII Transformers in stock. I'd still really appreciate any advice on why the transformer would have blown in the first place if anybody has any ideas. Thanks.

Re: Mk III Transformer Replacement

Posted: Apr 2nd, '18, 14:50
by sword_yang
Only MK III v4.0 is compatible with 6H30Pi, if not, do not plug in, it will hurt the Transformer!
Open the chassis of MK3, you'll see the version number on PCB.