Tube Rolling Kit/Offer

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Tube Rolling Kit/Offer

Post by MikeH »

A UK supplier has offered a tube rolling kit to upgrade Little Dot MK2 - 1 set of power tubes and 4 sets of EF95 valves. 10 tubes in total for £64.60 - plus VAT - and postage. I don't work for Watford Valves but it is such a great deal I thought more Little Dot users should know. Here's the link ... sp?id=4842

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Re: Tube Rolling Kit/Offer

Post by rockage »

Thanks for the info! :D

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Re: Tube Rolling Kit/Offer

Post by bsimmons54321 »

I just bought the Watford LD MKII kit. ... sp?id=4218

2 x M8100/CV4010/EF95 Mullard
2 x 6H6PI/6H6N Novosibirsk “NEVZ-Soyuz"

Consensus seems to be Mullard driver tubes give a great bang for the buck across audio spectrum. Power tubes a bit less important.

Time to delivery: OK from UK to USA (minnesota) came in mailbox
Packaging: very good
Mullard driver tubes: marking great, clear printing on the tubes. Mullard packaging seems authentic from Great Brittan
PH6PN power tubes: markings less clear, came in Watford not Novosibirsk boxes but claims matched set.

After 3 hours break in seems a very pronounced mid range but perhaps expected after short burn in. I hope that improves.

Biggest concern, is that one power tube burns much brighter than the other. Switched sockets and the the bright tube follows the tube so suspect the tubes vary and not bias, socket etc. it is the tube itself. No channel differences that i can detect with headphones.

Hope this helps

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