Little Dot II+ as preamp

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Little Dot II+ as preamp

Post by newbieforever »

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So I "resurrected" my II+ and was thinking about using it as a preamp...

Would it be "safe" to use it with DC amps? I know that this issue arose with the MKII but I was wondering if this particular model suffers from the same issue.

May I also safely use this with a STAX SRM XH?

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Re: Little Dot II+ as preamp

Post by SymonLie »

Hi...I have a Little-Dot II+ and a Little-Dot II++ that I alternate between using as a pre-amp and they both work great. I have the output split and being fed into both of my amps.
The II++ is comparable to the MKII but a slightly older design. The The II+ (on the left) is similar also but is a DHT design using pentodes as power tubes instead of indirectly heated triodes.

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