Little Dot MK 8 SE Repair

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Little Dot MK 8 SE Repair

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Are you accepting repair for my MK 8?, willing to pay shipping and repair cost granting its a fair price since I beleive its past warranty and I did not purchase it directly from here(purchased it from shenzhen audio).

My unit has channel imbalance, left side is louder than the right side. You could easily notice it on low volume left has sound already while right still no sound. probably about 8 oclock when right side starts to have sound. The problem is it does not balance out when you raise the volume.

Ive tried some troubleshooting such as switching the tubes. checking the gain switches but still the same problem. Thinking its a volume pot problem.

CAn you please give me a quote on how much repair cost would it take to fix the issue?.

I really like the sound of these amp but the channel imbalance really bothers me, hence im willing to have it repaired.

Please advise

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