LittleDot MKII - Gain DIP switches confusion

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LittleDot MKII - Gain DIP switches confusion

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Hello all,

I am very confused about an apparent contradiction between the manual and the DIP labeling itself. If I have misread something, I apologize but thank you for your help clarifying it. So far, I am impressed with the sound, but I noticed that my 30 ohm-rated headphones (Bang & Olufsen) sound very grating and screechy, very distorted on the treble, when listening at the default gain setting (it sounds absolutely fine running through my main amp and 8 ohm speakers, however). I opened up the box to adjust the gain, with the idea that the setting was by default 3 (off, off). When I looked however, the DIPs were set to ON/ON (as clear as day), while the manual just as clearly said "factory default setting is A (OFF/OFF)". Is this due to a misprint in the manual, or to a misprint on the DIPs themselves? Or am I just confused?

I am a novice with tube equipment, and am still learning, so please forgive my ignorance if I am just being foolish here. This is very frustrating, because I want to set the gain to the best overall setting for my headphones/speakers, and be done with it, since it is so inconvenient to adjust. The problem, in a nutshell, is that I have no idea whether the gain was set to 10 by default, or to 3, because of the apparent contradiction between the manual and the DIP labeling. Could my product have been set to ON/ON by mistake at the factory? I'm hoping that this is just a misprint in the manual, and that I can simply ignore the manual. I did switch the DIPs to "ON/OFF" on both, and noticed that the grating distorted treble (mostly on vocals) is reduced almost entirely. It would still help a great deal to understand this issue I am having, so I can configure the gain optimally.

Thank you for bearing with me. I am otherwise very impressed with the quality of the preamp, and look forward to my Russian Gold Grid power tubes and Blue Glass driver tubes coming from Eastern Europe!

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Re: LittleDot MKII - Gain DIP switches confusion

Post by rockage »

Please refer to the Little Dot MK II Reference guide which is more up to date.

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Re: LittleDot MKII - Gain DIP switches confusion

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I found a version of the "reference guide" aka manual and have uploaded it here.
It's "Version 1.18, Last Updated 5.18.2010" ... e.pdf?dl=0

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