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LD I+, GE JAN5654W's & HD 650 Cans

Posted: Oct 4th, '15, 23:26
by shasari
I'm new to the world of tube headphone amps, and while I realize this is a hybrid, it should sound as good quality (depending on tube selection) as some more expensive units, such as the Bellari HA540?

I've ordered up my first ever headphone amp, the LD I+, and after reading lots of reviews, have ordered a pair of GE JAN5654W's. I have a pair of Sennheiser HD-650 cans, which are 300ohm cans. Looking over the tech manual, it appears I should remove the gain jumpers to make an open circuit for 7db gain and make sure the DIP switches are in the 6JI position for the upgraded tubes I have selected. Please verify if this is correct.

I have the Voshkod 6ZH1P-EV on my want list, would you suggest upgrading to them sooner than later, and when I do so would the DIP switches remain in the same position as for the GE's? What about the gain jumpers for those tubes?

Thanks for your time,


Re: LD I+, GE JAN5654W's & HD 650 Cans

Posted: Oct 6th, '15, 07:57
by DavidZheZhe
Yes, you will want to use the highest gain setting to drive your HD650s, and this would hold true for any tubes you roll. The 6ZH1P-EV are the same type as the 5654s so no setting changes needed there.