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Morning all

Posted: Jan 17th, '16, 19:58
by Ptw567
Hello to all

Just to introduce myself I`ve been a lurker for sometime and have at last taken the plunge and ordered a LD MKIII - direct, this is all new to me, never had a tube amplifier before so a few things to learn I expect, I`m planning to use it with a Yamaha network CD player to Sennheiser HD650 headphones, so I hope I`ve chosen well !
Anyway that's it for now, question on tubes and the like may follow... although I`m sure most of what I need to know has been posted before so a few hours of searching forum is in order first.
Can`t wait
Cheers from a cold Lincolnshire UK.

Re: Morning all

Posted: Feb 1st, '16, 00:05
by DavidZheZhe
Welcome Pete! Have you received your Little Dot MK III yet? I look forward to your impressions!

Re: Morning all

Posted: Feb 2nd, '16, 06:42
by Ptw567
Hello David,

Yes, I received my Little Dot a week ago in perfect condition, delivery was spot on, DHL provided tracking updates at every step of its journey - excellent many thanks.
First impressions after 30 odd hours of burning in - The LD sounds superb even with the stock tubes and I expect it will improve when everything has burnt in a bit more.

As I mentioned the LD is my first tube amp and I don`t really have a reference point, my intention is to hook the LD from a network CD player/DAC, though for now I have it connected from my PC through an Audiolab M-DAC to HD650 phones, before the LD arrived I had the phones connected directly to the M-DAC, which has a pretty good onboard headphone amp and sounds very nice.
The LD though is a very different, bigger sound, I`m hearing/feeling increased width and depth, more detail and clarity across the range, voices in particular are wonderful, female jazz / R&B sounds sublime ! there is that warmer feel which is what I wanted, So far I`m loving the tube sound,

The word "amazing" is used far too much nowadays but in this instance fully justified. I am highly delighted
I am already looking for tubes to try....

Thanks again
I`ll feedback again in a few weeks when I`ve learnt what`s what in alternative tubes.


Re: Morning all

Posted: Feb 10th, '16, 01:43
by Chloe33
i'm also new around here and thought id pop in and say hello

Re: Morning all

Posted: Feb 10th, '16, 08:29
by rockage
Welcome Chloe!