Connecting the Little Dot (Newbie question)

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Connecting the Little Dot (Newbie question)

Post by ADSR »

Can someone please help a total newbie out?

I'd like to listen to vinyls with my HD600:s and my newly purchased Little Dot MKIII.

My current setup is a Rega RP1 -> Rega RIAA phono box -> NAD C715 Compact Receiver -> speakers

Where do I connect the LD? From the NAD's "video out"? Or the NAD's "tape out"?

Or, for best sound, do I have to connect LD directly from the phono box (meaning I can't simply use the speakers with vinyls any longer)?

Picture of the NAD's rear panel:


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Re: Connecting the Little Dot (Newbie question)

Post by Restless »

I may be wrong here but having searched on Google for a bit i can find reports of both being used to connect to their Headphone Amps. Most reports are of "Tape Out" being used more often but both should be fine, its just a case of which one you select when you want to send the sound to your Headphone amp, as in Tape or Video on the mode selection.

Test both and see which one provides the cleanest output. There is a chance that one may colour the sound to suit the device it expects it to be connected too, though both could just as well be the same.

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Re: Connecting the Little Dot (Newbie question)

Post by DavidZheZhe »

Yes, generally you want to use the tape out as video out doesn't sound like an audio signal.

For best sound, the tape out should be nearly indistinguishable from directly connecting if your NAD uses quality components. You may want to test the two to find out which sounds best to you.

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