Is my volume level on LDII ok?

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Is my volume level on LDII ok?

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I have AKG K702 headphones which are 62 ohms, and set my Little Dot MkII so to switches 1 and 2 set at off (if I remember correctly) for gain 10. When I turn my volume on the LDII, it goes comfortably up to around 35 to 40. Is my gain set ok? Is this a good volume setting? Turning the volume even slightly too high I find reduces detail and bass takes over slightly. I find there is a sweet spot for volume. Is 35 to 40 an average level?

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Re: Is my volume level on LDII ok?

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Hi, I have mine at 10 o'clock which I guess is around where you have it. I thought maybe there was a slight improvement in clarity. Of course where you have it depends much on what source you are using through your preamp but I digress.

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