LD i+ hum

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LD i+ hum

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I bought LDi+ couple of months ago from Kidult online via Amazon and everything has worked fine until now. My amp has begun to behave strangely after we moved to new house. Output has now constant "soft" low frequency hum when powered. I think this hum is not normal ground loop because it occurs also when only power and headphones are connected without dac. LDi+ also has hum when tubes are disassembled. I think hum is panned little bit to left side of stereo field. Only difference between our old and new house is that we have now grounded sockets every room. In our old house we had also some ungrounded sockets and one of these was dead silent. Is there any kind of solution for this hum? I have already tried following things:

-cheater plug (remove ground, no effect)
-check that all screws are tighten (no effect)
-tried to shut down all other electronic gadgets which could make noise via AC (some higher frequency noise vanished when I changed socket)
-checked tubes (no effect)
-changed fuse (no effect)

LDi+ is powered: 230V 50hz (Finland)

All other equipment is working normally. If I raise volume of my active speakers to maximum I think I can hear similar hum (very quiet) than from LDi+. In normal volume level this hum is inaudible with speakers.

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Re: LD i+ hum

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Unfortunately the seller you purchased from is not an authorized seller and thus does not carry our support or warranty. Such units are often B-stock, refurbished models, and in some cases outright fakes. I would recommend contacting your seller to arrange for a refund or exchange.

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