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Little Dot mk vi+ As Pre Amp

Posted: May 10th, '16, 16:06
by Dark9911
Hey All,
Having a buzzing problem with my pre amp to power amp setup.
Also is the volume knob on the little dot supposed to control the volume output of the RCA's? Mine only controls the XLR's.

My current rig:
Schiit Gungnir --> Little Dot mk vi+ --> Audeze LCD2 (Works Great! No Buzzing!)
Schiit Gungnir --> Little Dot mk vi+ --> Carver M 1.5t --> Custom Made Cabinets

Relevant Info:
-Sound is great when audio is playing.
-Headphones don't buzz out of the little dot.

-All equipment is plugged into the same AC outlet.
-Little Dot and Gungnir are 3 Prong AC chords.
-Carver Amp is a 2 prong AC chord not 3 (could be source of buzz due to grounding issue?)

-Carver is unbalanced inputs via RCA.
-Little Dot outputs via RCA to the Carver.
-If I bypass the little dot and use RCA from the DAC to the Power Amp, the buzz is a lot less - almost not there but still present.

I'm thinking a 1:1 transformer in between the pre and power amp may solve my problem?
Any advice on how to solve the buzz is much appreciated!

Re: Little Dot mk vi+ As Pre Amp

Posted: May 17th, '16, 08:24
by rockage
If there is still buzzing when the Little Dot MK VI+ is removed from the system, it would lead me to believe your buzzing is caused by your DAC and simply amplified by the Little Dot.