Dip switch settings - MK III

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Dip switch settings - MK III

Post by vincal »

Hi there,

Apologies for the probably stupid question. I am a newbie to Little Dot amplifiers. I have just received a new MK III and I was wondering how to access the dip switch settings? Which part of the casing do I need to take off to achieve access?
Also, I have some DT770 Buyerdynamic 80ohm headphones. May I ask what the optimum dip switch settings should be to use them with the MK III ?

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Dip switch settings - MK III

Post by DavidZheZhe »

Hello Lee,

Welcome to our forum!

To access the gain settings on the Little Dot MK III, just flip the amp over. There are holes on the bottom of the chassis from which you can manipulate the gain and tube rolling controls with tweezers or some other small tool.

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