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Two questions about the MK2

Posted: Dec 31st, '20, 19:53
by Ptikiwi
I want to change the power tubes of my MK2 with russian 6n6p or 6n6 pi.
Should they obligatory been matched ?
Can the amp be damaged if they aren't ?
My second question concern the gain :
I'm using it only as a pre-ampli, with a pionner A209R and HD650, what gain must I choose.
Tkanks for your help.

Re: Two questions about the MK2

Posted: Jan 19th, '21, 15:52
by rockage
Hello, MK2 can directly use Russia 6N6 without any setting.
It is not necessary to match, but it is better to use the same batch.
If it is used as the pre-amp., it is better to adjust the gain to low.