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Little Dot MKIII Power Tubes

Posted: Feb 19th, '18, 06:22
by MKCBrown93
Greetings! I'm loving my new Little Dot MKIII!
Can I use: Sovtek 6H30Pi power tubes in my MKIII? I saw a YouTube video by AVITIO, wherein he installs these power tubes:

Then, I was reading: "Little Dot Tube Amps: Vacuum Tube Rolling Guide​" here:

In this guide, under power tubes, the author states: "...most current production Little Dot amps can only accept 6N6/6H6P power tubes with the exception of the MkIV which can accept the 6H30Pi."

Thus, I am wondering, can current MKIII amps use the 6H30Pi power tubes, or would they somehow ruin it?
Thank you!

Re: Little Dot MKIII Power Tubes

Posted: Feb 27th, '18, 18:32
by sword_yang
6H6PI and 6H30PI are fully compatible, You can use it directly on MK3.